What is our message?

We believe that God created us to live in a relationship with Him. But we sinned against Him and so lost the relationship and face His punishment. Out of God’s love for us Jesus Christ faced the punishment in His death on the Cross. In repenting for our sin and believing in Jesus Christ we’re restored to a relationship with God.

As we have experienced God true to His Word then we accept the Bible as our rule of faith and conduct.

Therefore: We believe in God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – as Holy Trinity in Perfect Unity.

We believe in God the Father who created man to live in a loving relationship with Him.

We believe that man sinned against God and so lost his relationship with Him and faces His eternal punishment in hell.

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s Only-Begotten Son, who out of God’s love for man faced His punishment in His death on the Cross and then rose from the grave and ascended to heaven.

We believe that whoever believes in Christ is restored to a loving relationship with God.

We believe in the Holy Spirit who convicts man of sin enabling him to repent and believe in Christ and planting within him a desire to be holy.

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will return to earth to judge the living and the dead and that unbelievers will be condemned to hell and believers saved to heaven.